How to find your own style by developing your self-esteem

How to find your own style by developing your self-esteem

After explaining to you about the importance of our clothing style and its impact on our everyday relationships (article here), I would now like to share with you some tips to help you develop your style.

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"Style is the way you wear clothes, it has nothing to do with brands, but rather with the character, the personality you convey through them" - Glenn Martens, creator ofY/Project

Clothes are the communicators of our personality, it is through them that we can let those around us know, without any words, what we think of ourselves. This is why, clothing style is closely related to self-esteem.

We live in a society where appearance is very important and it is not abnormal that everyone is looking for a certain beauty. It is in this search for beauty that our self-confidence will be impacted. We will seek validation from our peers, either by fitting into dress standards, or on the contrary by going beyond these standards and becoming innovative.

We can therefore describe clothing style as a subtle balance between the conscious and the unconscious.We can therefore describe clothing style as a subtle balance between the conscious and the unconscious.


Clothing style can be defined by a mixture of 3 main worlds:

The shapes, the colours and finally the style.Shapes and colours will depend on your morphology for the first and your skin tone for the second. On theother hand,style is a world apart, because it is emotional and psychological, it does not respond to simple standards.


"Dressing is a form of self-expression. There are clues to who you are in what you wear." - Marc Jacobs

It cannot be repeated often enoughour style is the reflection of our personality and therefore of our tastes. This means that there is not necessarily only one style of clothing per person, or rather that it is not defined in time! What will make the clothing style ours, will be found in the details and in its expression.

In order to develop our own style, we will have to review the basics on a theoretical level:

  • Knowing our morphology, There are 4 main morphotypes that group together the general appearance of a man.

  • Learn about the different cuts and sizes that can fit you.

  • Knowing which colours and shades go with your skin tone and hair colour for effective combinations. (en accordance with the chromatic circle)

Once we have reviewed the basics, we will have a whole process of learning about the different brands that exist and we will gradually become more critical about the look and quality of the clothes we buy.

Our goal is to have a clearer idea of what we like.

The important thing is to put the different clothes together, and to feel good about the way you look. The most important thing is that the outfit fully reflects our personality and what we want to express.


Once you have determined your body type and colours, it is important to draw inspiration from all available resources. This starts in the street where you can simply look around at the style of passers-by. Social networks such as instagram and pinterest will also be a huge source of inspiration. Of course, try to find suggestions of looks from people with the same body type and skin tone as you to get a clear idea of how it will look.

In our next article, we will start with the basics of clothing style by learning how to dress well according to your morphology.

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